About Us

At Ashley University we place great stress on delivering quality education as a responsible, highly regarded institution. We believe in giving you the professional skills and offer you the knowledge that can help you to excel within your domain.

In developing new ideas and promoting lasting knowledge we are creating an academic environment where outstanding students and scholars from around the world can be inspired to excel in their programs of study.

All courses are taught by leading experts with an international research and teaching reputation in their field. The way we teach each course across the broad spectrum allows graduates to think originally, and in turn, bring depth and quality to the specialist courses. Our courses reflect quality of research and feeding at all the levels.

We also have a strong international feel to our research and teaching, plus most of the students come from diverse backgrounds, enabling you to expand you cultural awareness. We believe that international perspective is essential to success. As you graduate, you'll be amongst one of the best contact network you will have in your career.

Recognized and Accredited Worldwide

Our international reputation and accreditation is frequently cited as the mark of our course quality: this means that you can be sure that there's continuous underpinning in our research and development. Ashley University is one of the first institutions to have been accredited and recognized by the international accreditation bodies for the quality of education that it imparts.

Ashley's Expertise

Our faculty of around 200 academics is of the highest caliber, whether in research or in teaching; many are world leaders in their discipline. As one of the largest online schools, we offer you the expertise in a range of specialisms in a variety of fields, including Business, Engineering and Criminal Justice. This allows us to focus on the teaching and research, supported by professional support staff.

Study Facilities

Ashley's exceptional online library with over 25,000 electronic journals and electronic resources is one of the most outstanding resources you would find.

Besides, our integrated learning landscape allows us to help to create a unique, integrated framework for you. It features digital media, reference materials, internet points of access so that you work anytime you like.

We encourage you to explore the Ashley’s website so you can find out more about what we do and how we can help you become a leader in your professional and academic domain.