Alumni & Friends

Graduates are an integral part of the Ashley's Community and the Academic Relation's office, provide a range of services and opportunities for you to remain connected with the university. There are over 200,000 alumni and professionals living around the world, providing an outstanding global network. They enjoy special lectures online, as well as reunions, social and professional networking events. There are organized groups of alumni in various countries including China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Canada, Australia and the United States, all of which offer the opportunity to meet other alumni. All the Alumni enjoy a number of benefits, including yearly magazines which feature the latest events and a lifelong alumni account on the university's website.

Why are our Alumni different?

At Ashley, we don't look forward to produce a standard graduate- you are an individual with your own aspirations which we help you attain. Some of our participants become entrepreneurs, or move on into the more flexible roles. Some use the online degree program as a lever to move from senior commercial positions to the public sector or not for profit sectors. Our participants start from a higher salary base than most, with an average of eight years of managerial experience, so that their salary rises within few years of graduation is impressive.

Networking Opportunities

We have an incredibly dynamic international student body that attracts students and professional partners from over 120 countries. Ashley hosts a number of events celebrating the diversity of our community. Studying and networking with so many people from so many different countries and cultures really enhances your opportunities and experiences with people around you.

Throughout our program, we'll help you work out what you want to do with your new skills and give you opportunities to try new experiences.

Women at Ashley

We place no discrimination when it comes to imparting education to the women. We have a strong sense of networking which helps women joining Ashley to develop through interaction with other women from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and work professions. It is a place to share knowledge and experience, a place to learn or mentor and grow continuously