At Ashley University Division of Education, you can discover the rare combination of majors that you might not find anywhere else online. With a holistic view of education, the Division of Education offers it as a tactical activity, thereby giving you a deep understanding of the objectives and its impact on the organization where you deliver. In an increasingly dynamic world of academics,  Ashley Division of education addresses the most pressing needs of schools: recruiting, preparing and retaining a new generation of highly qualified teachers; building division leadership capacity in an era of heightened accountability; helping children with special needs to reach their full potential; development research-based curricula focused on Division improvement and enhanced student achievement; and addressing social and educational needs of children, youth, and families.

Ashley University Division of Education equips its graduating students for the recurring changes and developments in the field of Education with 9 different majors in degree, diploma and certificate programs.

The world needs educated teachers, with enthusiasm, skill, and the aptitude to get down to the level of students. At Ashley University, we believe ever student is important and holds a talent to be managed for leadership.

Our wide ranging academic programs are devised for budding teachers and existing educators who believe in working in teams to meet the new world challenges.


Accepting, and devoted to the changing role and method of educating students, Ashley University provides education through its advanced, state of the art, online education system. The degree program will allow you to get better at your teaching skills and boost your professional identity. Graduates may continue a career in training and development, prospectus development, or mentoring. When you have completed your degree program, you will be eligible to pursue additional doctorate-level education.
  • Career


Degree Programs

  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Masters Degree
  • Doctorate Degree

Diploma Programs

  • Undergraduate Diploma
  • Graduate Diploma

Certificate Programs

  • Undergraduate Course Certificate
  • Graduate Course Certificate
  • Undergraduate Certificate
  • Graduate Certificate

Major Offered

  • Early Education
  • Middle Level Education
  • Adult Education
  • Special Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Teaching and learning
  • Administration and Supervision
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Teaching Assistant

Career Prospects

Graduates from an educational discipline will most likely join the educational services industry. They can take up employment in all aspects of education, from teaching and counseling students to driving school buses and serving cafeteria lunches. Although about 60% of graduates in educational services are employed in professional and related occupations, the industry also employs many administrative support, managerial, service, and other workers. Below are the average salaries that you will be able to earn in your chosen field of Education:

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Early Education $25,700 - $51,380
Adult Education $40,100 - $62,050
Assessment & Evaluation $40,000 - $58,830
Administration & Supervision $84,860 - $96,680.
Middle-level Education $32,603 - $96,522

Delivering Quality Education:

At Ashley, we believe that quality doesn't have to come at the expense of quantity. With over 700 programs of study to choose from, you have the freedom to create your ideal program by combining majors, minors, and specializations.


Featured Faculty Members

  • Paige Le Ph.D. Education

  • John Smith Doctorate of Management

  • Marilyn Jones Master of Arts, Educational Technology

  • Harold Rosado PhD Philosophy

  • Paul Springer PhD Education