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Whether you are a new faculty or staff member or have been part of the Ashley University family for years, you belong to a community of achievers and leaders. A diverse group of professionals with rich experience and expertise, students count on you to bring learning to life with lessons that drive real-world application. The Ashley faculty is not only leaders in the classroom and on the campus, but also in their fields as recognized by academic peers. Collectively, Ashley faculty has earned more than 85 international awards in the past 10 years. A dedicated staff of close to 195 people keeps Ashley University functioning—and thriving—as an internationally recognized university. Please feel free to explore their profiles and their experiences and how they can match your needs in a better manner.

Teaching & Learning Services

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) promotes and supports the ongoing development and enhancement of teaching and learning at Ashley University. Our team collaborates with professors, departments, Faculties and fellow teaching support units to create adaptable and innovative learning environments in which outstanding teaching is recognized and rewarded.

Meet Our Global Faculty Serving At Distinctive Schools

Ms. Christine
Masters from University of Texas

Ms. Rebecca
Master's in Marketing-UT

Mr. Karsoo
Master's in Finance at Durham

Ms. Louisa Alen
Phd HRM - Nottingham University

Ms. Olivia Wilson

Mr. McKensie
CEO - Swift Technologies

Mr. Michael Boyajian

Mr. Jackie Mcewan
Doctorate , Juris Doctor of Law

Ms. Nisrine Abiad
Doctorate Law - Pantheon

Mr. Thomas
Private Practice

Ms. Elaine Waldroup
Legal Advisor - L.A Law Firm

Ms. Odell Tang

Mr. Elsir Awad
Master's Computer Science- University of Khartoun

Ms. Laura Davis
Master's degree , University of Colorado

Mr. Gary Gill
Master's degree , University of Northern Iowa

Ms.Tonya Torchelle
Consultant - IOWA Techonologies

Mr. James Workman
Master's - Arab University

Mr. Anthony
Consultant Atles technologies

Ms. Rudi Leena
Master's Degree - MSC University

Ms. Sharon Balch
M.S. - Northern Illinois University

Mr. Mark Willis
Masters - University of Phoenix

Mr. Carol Jean
Masters - Grand Canyon University

Mr. Peter Donelley
Trainer - NC Consultance

Mr. Patrick Hill
Instructor - Arab International

Ms. Lorna Sibug
Master's - Holy Angel University

Ms. Vernon Samblin
Master's Govt. College Thrisur

Mr. Roxane
Private Practice

Ms. Tanisha Jones
Master's University of Colorado

Mr. James Gupta
Pravite Practice

Mr. Thomas Yule
Phd - A.State University

Ms. Sandra Linebury
Doctorate , Ain Shams University

Mr. Dorothy Clark
Master's - Cairo Demographic

Ms. Cynthia Nelson
Director - Socail Co.

Ms. Rita Serrato

Master - Damasus university

Mr. Ronald Anderson
Master's Arab International

Mr. Robert Backes
Doctorate - UOP

Ms. Laila Ramazani
Master's degree , Wollongong Universityr

Mr. John Wilson
Proj.Coord.St.Michael's hospital. Canada

Ms. Olivia Bell
Masters Degree - Anna Malai University

Mr. Michael Boyajian

Mr. Jackie
McewanDoctorate , Juris Doctor of Law

Ms. Nisrine
Abiad Doctorate Law - Pantheon

Mr. Thomas
Private Practice

Ms. Elaine Waldroup
Legal Advisor - L.A Law Firm

Ms. Odell Tang

Ms. Mona Dalle
Master - Concordia University - Montreal, Canada

Mr. Matthew Williams
Civil Eng. - IIE Consultants Co

Mr. William
M.A. Degree at St. John's University

Mr. Cameron Bishop
Social Activist - Orion NGO b

Mr. James Kraus
Master's - UOC , LA

Ms. Nancy Rakoczy
M.A. Hunter College, NYC

Mr. Sadek Sheetah
Master's - American Graduate School of Education

Mr. Paul keddy
Master's degree - Dalhousie Universityn

Ms. Deborah Fein
CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK Master of Science Degree

Mr. Rines Gomes
Consultant ASE Securities