Financial Aid

We understand that higher education is a substantial financial commitment and our staff is dedicated to helping you and your families afford the education you deserve. Students at Ashley receive various types of university aids including grants, scholarships and loans. Nine out of ten students at Ashley receive some form of financial aid.

The Financial Aid Office staff at the Ashley University is dedicated to providing students with the most comprehensive and simplified methods of financial aid delivery. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to as many students as possible in an equitable and consistent manner.

We help to support the vision of the Ashley University is to increase and strategically manage resources, including scholarships, to provide the best educational value possible for Ashley's students

Applying for the Aid

The Scholarship Application for financial aid is the only application needed to receive the institutional financial aid at Ashley University

  • 1. Complete the Scholarship Application online.
  • 2. Make sure it is signed electronically
  • 3. Click the "Submit" button

Complete the application as soon as possible to be considered for all available funding

Criteria for the Aid

Financial Aid is awarded based on your financial need and/or the eligibility criteria of scholarship, grant, loan and student employment programs. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and financial need is determined by methodology based on the information you provided on the Scholarship Application. It determines what you/your parent(s) can reasonably be expected to pay toward your educational costs. Ashley University will use your application to determine financial need and the eligibility for financial aid based on the institutional formulas, criteria, policy, regulations, and the availability of funds under the direction of Ashley University's administration. Your aid shall cover the tuition and student services fees altogether.

A number of scholarships are available at Ashley University. They are generally awarded on the basis of academic merit. For further information, please feel free to browse through them in order to abate your financial burden while you study.

Lincoln Scholarship Program

The Lincoln Scholarship Program is prestigious international scholarship awards given to those professionals who are exceptionally good at giving the utmost to their study while their work at professional organizations. The award is a competitive one and follows on almost throughout the year.

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Post Graduate Scholarship Program

Since 2010, Ashley University is proud to participate in by providing tuition waivers to the exceptional international post graduate students through its prestigious Scholarship Program. The purpose of this aid is to assist in the development of students by providing financial resource information and access to funding. The university empowers students to fulfill their academic aspirations by helping them with the scholarship program valid for the duration of their study.

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Loans & Bursaries

The University offers a program of Financial Aid (loans and/or bursaries) to full time undergraduate and graduate degree students in good academic standing on the basis of demonstrated financial need.

  • Loans are repayable awards that have a specified due date. While most loans are offered on a long-term basis, short-term loans are also available to students faced with extenuating circumstances.
  • Bursaries are non-repayable awards.