Batch of 2014

Ashley University welcomes the graduating batch of 2014 to its prestigious alumni community and wishes them the best of luck for achieving the paramount of success and living the life they have worked hard for.

The graduation ceremony for our students in Thailand took place on the 5th of September 2014 at the Swissôtel Nai Lert Park Hotel Bangkok, Thailand. It was one great view when the students recieved their degree with joy and a promising smile for what awaits them in the future.

We have always considered our graduates and alumni as integral part of the Ashley's Community and the Academic Relation's office, provide a range of services and opportunities for you to remain connected with the university.

The university has over 200,000 qualified alumni and professionals all over the world, that make up a diversified of professionals serving globally.

The Ashley University Alumni is entitled to attend lectures online, be a part of the reunions and participate in the social and professional networking events.

The countries where Ashley university has organized groups of alumni include China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Canada, Australia and the United States, all of which offer the opportunity to meet other alumni.

Why are our Alumni different?

At Ashley, we don't look forward to produce a standard graduate- you are an individual with your own aspirations which we help you attain. Some of our participants become entrepreneurs, or move on into the more flexible roles.

Some use the online degree program as a lever to move from senior commercial positions to the public sector or not for profit sectors. Our participants start from a higher salary base than most, with an average of eight years of managerial experience, so that their salary rises within few years of graduation is impressive.

Networking Opportunities

We have an incredibly dynamic international student body that attracts students and professional partners from over 120 countries. Ashley hosts a number of events celebrating the diversity of our community. Studying and networking with so many people from so many different countries and cultures really enhances your opportunities and experiences with people around you.

Throughout our program, we'll help you work out what you want to do with your new skills and give you opportunities to try new experiences.


News & Updates

Alumni Sharing Experiences

"My name is Charoen Rungruang. I work for Nora Group Hotel Resort & SPA as an HR Manager. I completed my degree program in 2 years and I feel very honored to receive this prestigious degree at a grand graduation ceremony. I will work hard to be the man of the society with more responsibility and more sense of duty. I have learned a lot during the studies and I would like to thank Ashley University for giving me this great opportunity to learn."


“My name is Krissana Promkoh .I work at the Lamai Wanta Beach Resort as a Managing Director. I completed my degree is around two and a half years. I want to thank Ashley University, the professors, my friends and everyone who helped me and guided me throughout the course. I greatly appreciate the opportunity and I will work harder to make myself and the honor worth it.”


" My name s Naphat Jariyaworakul. I work for Rocky Hotel as a HR Manager. I earned my degree in nearly 3 years but the ease and convenience offered to me, makes me feel as it lasted to quickly. I joined the institution to study and I cannot believe that I'm already an MBA. I have learned a lot during the studies. I want to thank Ashley University for giving me this chance and thanks my friends who were always there to help."


“My name is Wanna Riwan. I work for Belmonk Napasai Hotel as Managing Director. I completed the MBA program in 2 years. After graduation, I can put that knowledge to use professionally. Thanks to Ashley University for this great opportunity And thanks to my advisors who gave me the knowledge and guidance warnings. “


“My name is Chayaporn Diawanit. I work for Infinity Residence & Resort as HR Manager. I have to thank the institution for providing me with this amazing opportunity. With this degree I am a much more enabled as a professional. Ashley University is unquestionably one of the best institutions offering a variety of programs to students worldwide. “


“My name is Kullana Rojanaketpanya . I have been working at Schenker (Thai) Ltd. as a Sales and Support Manager for more than 7 years now and I learn completed my MBA in a couple of years at Ashley University. I would like to thank my advisors and all those who supported and helped me to learn and can be graduated in the end. In the end I would like to thank my institution for this opportunity to learn and excel professionally.”


“My name is Krongkarn Jomsawang. I work for WPL Co. Ltd. as a Sales Manager. I was a part of Ashley University for more than 2 years. The teaching of Ashley University to build confidence among the students is one thing that makes it stand out of the crowd. I recommend Ashley University to all those who want to learn and grow endlessly. The comprehensive knowledge I gained here will help me become a contributor to the society.”


“My name is Ruckying Rojanaketpanya. I work for WPL Co. Ltd. as a Marketing Manager. I had learn course work for 2 and a half years. I see that the professors are a symbol of quality and excellence who can transfer knowledge effectively. When I graduated, it was the faith in myself to be a small cog in a great system to be a driving force in bringing knowledge to bring some value to the nation.“