The Ashley Library plans to share several collections with its students and alumni based around the globe thereby becoming the first online content hub.

The Harvard Library contains a wealth of special collections, and is dedicated to providing open access to them, where possible, through digitization and online dissemination. Through its collaboration its partners and members based around the globe, Harvard will contribute to global access to knowledge by linking to select digitized special collections.

By making their special collections available to the students through the online library, research libraries can contribute mightily to the democratization of access to knowledge. Ashley's collections, built up from the scratch, deliver the largest online e-book resource. By supporting the online libraries we will make the choicest items in them accessible to everyone that enrolls to Ashley—and eventually, hope to everyone in the world.

In response to the DPLA's call, the Ashley Library is actively exploring what collections it could contribute. Work remains to be done on various fronts before a final decision is made about specific collections, but the Ashley Library looks forward to making a number of its collections available to the students for now.


Reasons to Choose
  • Effective e-Learning
    A variety of e-Learning tools, including case studies, guest lectures, videos, project work and online learning materials are always there to keep your learning fresh.
  • Institutional Report
    Institutional reputation is often cited as a mark of course quality; it means that there is rigorous research underpinning in our teaching.
  • Training & Development
    The courses give you an understanding and awareness of the theories and practice of training and employee development.
  • Global Connectivity
    The students get exposure to a diverse array of cultures from all over the world which will add to their education for contemporary times.