Our Faculty
The Differentiation Factor

Ashley University is proud to be one of the top-rated online universities, owing to its ever-progressing online educational system and competent members in the faculty; our faculty that consists of some of the world- class scholars and industry experts. To ascertain diversity and appropriate global-chemistry of cultures and styles of management we have selected some of the finest educators from each industry who come from different corners of the world to be a part of the Ashley family. In situations where full-time faculty membership was not possible we organized a team of experienced part-time faculty members for their unmatched experience and knowledge in their field of expertise. We never overlook the importance of personality development and provide various opportunities to the students so they can learn the art of corporate management as a whole. The reason why we emphasize on bringing in the right people as educators is because a committed and experienced group of people is the only means to get where we want our students to be. From designing the curriculum to developing case study-based exams and setting up term projects our team has always proved to raise the bar and set new standards which are followed by our competitors all over the world.

When an instructor becomes a part of Ashley University s/he is first of all told about the priorities of the institution i.e. to ensure providing education in the most modernized and relevant possible manner. Setting this mindset at the early stage helps the institute and the members of the faculty to design and provide education in the most suited form so that the result is at least what is desired by the students and the management of Ashley University.

We classify our faculty as follows:

  • Visiting;
  • Permanent; and
  • Associate Faculty

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