Doctorate Degree Program

The Doctoral at the Ashley's University Doctorate degree program aims to train researchers in the areas of specialization. These doctorates would be able to become active part of the universities, research centers and innovative companies as they complete their degree program. They will constitute the new generation of specialists who generate new knowledge through research, will become part of future academics and will become team leaders, senior consultants for both the national and multinational growing industries of the world.

The research carried out within the doctoral program will be a source of new knowledge, models and technologies, hoping in this way to contribute to the scientific development of the world, of the region and of the universities participating in the program.

We aim to produce graduates of the highest standard, with a broad domain of discipline and ability to develop original and relevant research in their field. Program graduates will be qualified to perform academic positions at institutions of higher education, both in teaching and research. They may also develop research and development related institutions.

For more information regarding the doctorate degree program, please refer to the table below, before proceeding to the application form: