Short Courses & Diploma Programs

At Ashley University, we place great stress on the importance of online diploma program, its development and delivery to the students so that they can acquire great skills within a limited period of time. To live in the interconnected and globalized world of the 21st century, we need a critical thinking skills and an international mindset. Education Program provided by the Ashley University prepares students to learn to recognize and understand the need of the professional life and move ahead.

The International Diploma Program is a rigorous and balanced educational program, both for young people and working adults who are generally given in a course and leads to examinations. It is an excellent preparation for college and professional life, and is widely recognized among the leading universities in the world.

Undergraduate Diploma

The Undergraduate Diploma Program can be a great way to improve your career prospects and pursue your academic aspirations. Since it has been enriched with diversity and flexibility to complete the courses within a short period of time and gain relevant expertise, an accredited diploma is a great way to shorten your path towards a prospective career.

Graduate Diploma

The postgraduate diploma programs provide students an additional add-on to their skills and knowledge by imparting them the relevant knowledge. It would allow them to pursue postgraduate studies and make sure that they can balance their professional and academic life. Ashley University has a range of courses for those who wish to specialize within their field or make sure that they graduate with success.

Certificate Programs

The Certificate Programs at Ashley University help you to gain skills that may be relevant to your career, but give you an added advantage based on your current situation and future career plans. A certification program is basically any course of study, at almost any level of education, providing the student with a specialization in their field. It takes less time than a full degree program and provides a certificate to complete these studies in place of a title.

There are a variety of options accounting certification programs, some of which are mentioned below:

Undergraduate Certification

An undergraduate certification is a program for the high school graduate who wants a basic knowledge of the subjects involved in the field of specialization. They may be tailored to the unique knowledge of a graduate who wants added specifically in the field and boost the career prospects in the relevant field of interest.

Graduate Certification

A graduate program can take many forms, to give a holder of a degree some basic information for a course of study that provides in-depth information about a particular area of specialty for a major. This certificate program can be pursued more feasibly rather than the mainstream online degree program to acquire sufficient knowledge to be well versed in the subject and perform basic entrepreneurial functions.