Students at Ashley University have access to a greater variety of academic programs than at any other university around the globe. With the help of faculty and staff, students can tailor their university experience from more than 700 different undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In all of these programs, students learn directly from some of the world's top professors - teachers with a track record of discovery, collaboration, and innovation.

Ashley University offers a broad range of fully accredited programs that are comprehensive in nature and prepare students for real life challenges of the corporate world. Find below the list of programs offered by Ashley University

  • Associate Degree Program

    Preparing for the Bachelor's Degree at the Associate degree level can be a great option for those who wish to pursue their ambitions without putting the lives on hold

  • Bachelor's Degree Program

    The Bachelor's Degree Program is the highest level of degree study at the undergraduate level, allowing you to discover your talent within the chosen majors within your program

  • Master's Degree

    You have completed a bachelor degree and are considering higher-degree study by course work, then a Master's degree is a perfect way to refine your skill set in your specialist field.

  • Doctorate Degree

    You have completed a bachelor degree and are considering higher-degree study by course work, then a doctorate degree provides you great chances to boost your skills.

  • PhD Degree Program

    Prospective students searching for competitive PhD Degree Programs would find Ashley suit their needs for a competitive online research based degree

  • Short Courses

    Experience Ashley's online education that lead to an international recognition award, including Diploma, Certificate and other short courses.


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Reasons to Choose
  • Effective e-Learning
    A variety of e-Learning tools, including case studies, guest lectures, videos, project work and online learning materials are always there to keep your learning fresh.
  • Institutional Report
    Institutional reputation is often cited as a mark of course quality; it means that there is rigorous research underpinning in our teaching.
  • Training & Development
    The courses give you an understanding and awareness of the theories and practice of training and employee development.
  • Global Connectivity
    The students get exposure to a diverse array of cultures from all over the world which will add to their education for contemporary times.