AshEd is Ashley University's very own student council that is a center for recreation and recognition. Our students are encouraged to share their experiences and opinions about a variety of topics and contribute to the overall university experience. AshEd also acknowledges academic excellence and so motivates the students to achieve greater heights in their education.

AshEd's mission is to promote a talent and a sense of togetherness among the students of the University. We believe in the principle of continuous development and learning and AshEd is just one of the many steps in this direction.

  • AshEd Dashboard

    Got an interesting article or an opinion you'd like to share? AshEd Dashboard is the very place to do it. Serving as the recreation hub of the University, the AshEd Dashboard is the place where you can interact with the entire student body with a single post. A great place for networking, you can also stay updated on the latest happenings around the world as talented students of the University contribute a variety of fascinating pieces to the Dashboard.

    The contributor of the most popular posts on the Dashboard will be given the title of the "AshEd Star", which is awarded weekly. The winner will also have his or her picture and profile featured on the Dashboard for the next week.

    Email your contributions on

  • AshEd's Own

    Ashley University believes in imparting quality education to its students and making them exceptional performers in their respective fields. Students who have attained outstanding academic results in their examination and assessments will have their names prominently displayed in "Ashed's Own". They will also be recipients of a certificate of academic achievement issued by the University that will highlight their performance during their time as a student at Ashley.

    The selection process is through and completely merit based. AshEd has a special panel of professionals and teachers alike who carefully evaluate each student profile and choose the most deserving to be on the list.The panel also makes suggestions for potential winners of AshEd's Own, based on the profiles received.

    If you feel you are qualified to make it to the AshEd's Own list, send us your detailed profile at You never know you might be the next candidate to make it to the list!

  • AshEd Leaders

    Ashley University caters to a diverse range of students with various talents and experiences. Recognizing this, AshEd Leaders seeks to capitalize on this treasure of knowledge and make it available to all in order to enrich learning. Based on qualifications, work experience and other achievements, AshEd selects one student per week to be the AshEd Leader. He or she is invited to talk about their previous experiences or provide guidance that can be beneficial to the rest of the students.

    The title of an AshEd Leader is a privileged one. A Leader is looked up to by all the rest and he or she is a source of both wisdom and inspiration. Such things are made better by sharing with each other, which is in the true spirit of everything Ashely University stands for. If you have any such experience you think will be beneficial to to others email us at


Students' Testimonials
  • Andy Thornton Student of Criminal Justice "I've learned so much from AshEd! It really inculcates a sense of belonging in the students and strengthens the bond of community."
  • Rita Norton Student of Business and Management "I've been featured on the AshEd's Own list. It was the most memorable thing to have happened to me because I was acknowledged for what I am good at, that is, my studies and it motivated me to do even better."
  • Sophie Lorenzo Alumnus "I was the recipient of the AshEd's Own certificate. My current employer was impressed with both my performance and Ashley University for this novel method of recognizing students and contributing to their career."

  • William Scott Engineer and Mechanical
    Engineering Student
    "It gives me a feeling of accomplishment to share what I have learned with my fellow students. To be able to guide is an achievement in itself and I am proud to be an AshEd Leader."