At Ashley, you balance a lot of priorities, like family, work and running a household, and there's just not a lot of extra time in your day. We understand. That's why we've designed an educational experience that fits into your life and supports your academic and career goals.

Our students come from many diverse backgrounds and we value the skills and experiences they bring into our courses.

Justin Gladman

I am a descendant of the Wiradjuri people in New South Wales. Previous to commencing medicine at Ashley University I explored different career avenues that included management, community based research, vocational teaching and military services. Aspects that I enjoyed most in these positions focused on health, in particular Indigenous health.

On commencing Health Sciences at Ashley, my wife and I and our three children had recently moved to Adelaide from a regional centre in New South Wales. It was quite a challenging transition but full of excitement as we embarked into the unknown.

First year medicine has presented challenges both academically and personally, however the rewards far outweigh the challenges. The most challenging aspect was getting back into the swing of full-time study after such a long break and reemploying effective study techniques, however I soon discovered that I was not the only person in my year that was experiencing the same dilemmas.

My motivation to undertake health sciences was derived from both personal and professional experience. I have always been involved in health in some capacity either project work, health related research or teaching Aboriginal Health Workers, thus health sciences seemed a natural path to follow.

Ashley is a supportive institution where fellow students help each other and staff are always available to assist. If you are thinking about studying medicine at Ashley, then stop thinking about it and do it.

Jason Lam

Support at Ashley comes in many different forms, from the support of the Admissions Office, who assisted me with registration, to the faculty members who welcome anybody who wants to join.

I was able to interact with students and tutors in various fields through School activities and seminars. My personal tutor is also available to provide prompt guidance, encouragement and support during regular meetings over the web. I received an International Scholarship, within six weeks of applying for it online. The scholarship covers my full tuition fee which could have been very difficult to afford otherwise. It also motivated me to work hard in my studies and removed the potential stress of having to find sufficient funds. I am now planning to apply for a supplementary scholarship to cover living expenses.

Since I have been here, I have been afforded the opportunity to attend and participate in both local and international conferences, seminars and training. The University also affords me the privilege of interacting with fellow researchers and students from all over the world, due to the number of international students it attracts.

Studying at Ashley is a very good choice to make. For many years now it has retained its status as one of the best universities in the world. It is friendly to international students and creates equal opportunities to all who study here.


Reasons to Choose
  • Effective e-Learning
    A variety of e-Learning tools, including case studies, guest lectures, videos, project work and online learning materials are always there to keep your learning fresh.
  • Institutional Report
    Institutional reputation is often cited as a mark of course quality; it means that there is rigorous research underpinning in our teaching.
  • Training & Development
    The courses give you an understanding and awareness of the theories and practice of training and employee development.
  • Global Connectivity
    The students get exposure to a diverse array of cultures from all over the world which will add to their education for contemporary times.